GPS: Norte Km. 1227 Caleta Bocapán, Carr. Panamericana, Bonanza, Peru
Actual: Av. Panamericana Norte kilómetro 1227, Bonanza-Zorritos-Tumbes-Peru
+51 93329-6455

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Sand. sun. waves. wildlife!

Our beach resort, Palo Santo, is named after the iconic spiritual tree of Peru. Pacific sun and waves breathe new life into our visitors, in the most comfortable amenities. Wildlife preserves are nearby, while our beach gives passage of roaming natural beauty, including whales during whale-watching season. 
Hot meals and cool drinks sustain you while sun-soaking, swimming in the cooling Pacific Ocean, and visualizing the abundant nature. Take a short journey to swim with turtles, see exotic birds, or healing with the local Shaman on the Lake.

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Hotel, Resort, Bungalows
Zorritos, Peru

Hotel Bungalows Zorritos PeruAn Exclusive Resort

On Peru’s northern coast joining the Pacific Ocean, in peaceful Zorritos, is the Palo Santo resort. Bungalows with modern amenities to relax after sun, swimming, exotic wildlife and nearby shopping, all are for you at our resort named after the sacred Palo Santo tree of Peru.

Our resort is a refined yet casual environment, for couples, families, travelers, and adventurers. Find a quiet, remote experience on the beach while staying in a private room, visiting our restaurant with an ocean view for your favorite meals or room service.